Computer Repair

The I.T. Guy offers an array of services for the residential and business consumer alike.¬†We can setup a new computer, remove viruses, and more. If your computer isn’t running properly we can also diagnose and repair it at a reasonable cost. If you require parts we can assist you with obtaining them. We come to you and try to make all repairs onsite. However, if we do have to take it to the shop we strive to get it back in your hands within 24 hours. We support both PC and Apple products.

Common Tasks:

  • Connect devices to your network (Includes Computers, Network Printers, Smart Phones, and Tablets.)
  • Setup shared folders
  • Setup a shared printer.
  • Secure your wireless network
  • Show you how we connected the devices so that you can add more in the future
  • Unbox and setup your new computer
  • Install anti-virus and malware protection
  • Training on the basic functions of Windows and Mac OSX
  • Virus Removal


Interested in a Custom Built Gaming PC like the one below? Call for details